The Process We Trust To Deliver Your Project


At Progressive Plans, we strive to provide our clients with amazing options and the opportunity to define their creative ideas. Combined with the expertise of our designers and their vision, our unique approach guarantees a cohesive, well-thought-out final design solutions that exceed expectations.

We ensure anyone who partners with us has a voice in the creative direction of their renovation projects. Our goal is to create a stunning home that is exactly to your tastes and requirements. We deliver an enjoyable creative experience that you will never forget. Customer transparency and communication are of the utmost importance. Our building designers work with you from concept design to the finishes selection devising an interior or exterior project that is tailored to your design. Should there be any issues, we can make changes based on our design expertise.

  • Phase 1


    Thinking about renovating your home, but not sure
    where to start? Get started by reaching out to the
    Progressive Plans team and discover how we can
    make your dream home a reality.

  • Phase 2


    Ready to move ahead? We’ll review your property’s
    constraints and design a bespoke game plan that
    captures your unique vision.

  • Phase 3


    With your vision clearly articulated, we’ll bring your
    architectural plans to life for your construction or
    renovation project.

  • Phase 4


    We harness the most trusted and best-performing
    architectural CAD software on the market. We’ll draft and detail your plans to the high standard required to best position a smooth approval process.

  • Phase 5


    Take the complexity and confusion out of the
    planning approval process with our hands-on
    guidance and support.

  • Phase 6


    Our team are here to remove the guesswork from
    securing a certifier and finalising your construction
    plans for approval.

  • Phase 7


    Our in-house interior designer will resolve the
    aesthetic for your home, delivering everything you
    need to make your house feel like home. Expect
    custom materials and finishes that will give your
    project the ‘wow’ factor you’ve been searching for.

  • Phase 8


    With plans finalised and the paperwork in place, we’ll ensure a smooth transition into the construction phase of your project and ongoing support during the build.

Partner with us to bring your dream home to life