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At Progressive Plans, we strive to provide our clients with amazing options and the opportunity to define their creative ideas. Combined with the expertise of our designers and their vision, our unique approach guarantees a cohesive, well-thought-out final design solutions that exceed expectations. We ensure anyone who partners with us has a voice in the creative direction of their renovation projects. Our goal is to create a stunning home that is exactly to your tastes and requirements. We deliver an enjoyable creative experience that you will never forget. Customer transparency and communication are of the utmost importance. Our building designers work with you from concept design to the finishes selection devising an interior or exterior project that is tailored to your design. Should there be any issues, we can make changes based on our design expertise.

  1. Design

    Our designers are here to make your experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We cover all areas of interior and home design services including drafting floor plans for a fresh bathroom renovation and creating detailing video renders and 3D-CAD drawings to give you a clearer image of what your dream home will look like. From initial consultation to final concept design, our effective 5 Phase design process guarantees a creative and reliable service that meets your expectations and allows for multiple design options, modifications and amendments.

  2. Documentation

    During your Design phase, we will be working out what planning requirements are applicable to your project. We ensure you have the plans required to gain the appropriate approvals to successfully complete your works. These plans are essential for a successful submission, and we ensure you have everything you need detailed to a high standard.

  3. Lodgement & Management

    We ensure you have the correct paperwork and the additional consultation required to submit your design into either a private certifier (CDC) or your local council (DA). We will manage the entire process from lining up quotes from our recommended consultants to sending you pre filled out forms ready for your approval.

  4. Construction Plans

    Whether it’s a DA or CDC you will need to engage a certifier and complete the required construction plans. For a DA these are included in a CC (Construction Certificate) Set of plans once your DA is approved. If you are completing your works via a CDC, the items below will be added to your CDC plans ready for your certifier to review

  5. Interior Detailing and Specifications

    Our Interiors services is for the client who wants that 'wow' factor. We will select all the products and finishes for you, based on your design brief. We ensure your chosen style flows throughout and the design is functional while retaining a beautiful aesthetic. You can choose a design and style to suit and then we do the leg work. Once items have been selected, they will be itemised in a schedule and detailed throughout your plans.

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