About Us

At Progressive Plans You Are Guaranteed

Tailor-made Designs
Whether you’re after a rustic-chic setting or have your heart on Scandinavian minimalism style, our building designers at Progressive Plans can create and source stunning design solutions that cater to the lifestyle that you desire without being impractical.

Beautiful Solutions
Our home designers take a considered approach to each and every individual client and project. With a strong emphasis on high-quality bespoke finishes, we find materials and interior fittings that suit the design criteria that you can choose yourself. Save countless hours on shopping, and give your home the flawless feel it deserves.

Customer Transparency
Whatever the stage of your design project, our building designers will be with you every step of the way. With 100% honesty, we will provide you with detailed design reviews to progress reports regularly. As part of our services, our founder will attend the site in person to ensure your project requirements are met and up to the standard that you envision.

Design Process

We'll be there every stage

  1. Stage 1: Understanding your home and needs

    We learn everything we need to know about your home from how you make use of the space, your personal objectives and any research necessary that can better push us to find the design solutions that suit your expectations.

  2. Stage 2: Pre-design

    Our building designers draw up a model of your existing site and do extensive property research into the site planning and constratings. We also create interior and exterior mood boards based on your design objectives,and have frequent meetings with you to confirm the design brief is being met. You give us the go ahead before moving forward.

  3. Stage 3: Initial Concepts

    Our experienced building designers curate 3x Resolved 2D floor plans based off your mood boards and detailed design brief. Plans are published and emailed to you for review. Face to Face meetings are arranged to discuss changes and options.

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