Construction Approval Certificate Services

Progressive Plans is more than your bespoke building designers. At Progressive Plans, our experienced team ensures all legal documentation including Construction Approval Certificates, is lodged on time, and marked floor plans safely comply with Council requirements and Australian building protocol.


It’s crucial to obtain a Construction Certificate before building

Building your dream home is almost underway, but it’s essential to ensure that you have all legal documentation and council approvals signed off before construction begins. This is where you need Construction Certificates. In order to acquire the following certificate, it is required that all of your conditions within your Development Application (DA) are adhered to. At Progressive Plans, our experts can create a checklist of the following conditions of your DA, and work through each one, prior to engaging a Certifying authority to properly obtain a CC.

If your new home design project is registered as a CDC (Complying Development Certificate), it is required that a certifying authority is engaged to certify that your design completely complies with CDC legislation. Once the assessment is completed, a certifier will proceed to provide you with a checklist outlining any conditions and requirements to be met before construction starts.

Construction Certificate Services by Progressive Plans

We offer full commercial and residential building certification services throughout NSW, including Construction certificates. Once your DA is approved, our experienced staff team with leading private certifiers in Sydney to efficiently organise a Construction Approval Certificate document so you can get to building your dream home faster. In a timely manner, we can have you approved for a certificate in up to two to three weeks, and ensure all marked documentation is lodged on-time. To guarantee award-winning customer service, our qualified team efficiently works within the legislative framework to ensure the construction of your project commences on time, and within contractual agreements.

At Progressive Plans, we can work with you to ensure we tick off all the mandatory documents needed within your Construction Certificate checklist before passing them onto a private certifier. Information varies for each building project, however, an application form will not be provided or assessed by a certifier until all documents below have been received:

CC checklist:

  • One copy of the council Development Consent (with conditions)
  • One coloured copy of DA plans and docs stamped by council
  • Four hard copies of architectural plans (showing Basix commitments if applicable)
  • Four copies of Structural Engineers Plans
  • Four copies of specifications
  • Plans stamped by the Local Water Authority
  • Four hard copies of Stormwater Plans
  • Home Building Compensation Fund Certificate or an Owner Builder Permit (residential)
  • Long Service Levy payment receipt (work exceeding $25,000)
  • Three copies of Basix certificate (habitable dwellings/pools)
  • Receipt for any Section 94 contributions (multi-unit sites)
  • Receipt for any Section 94A contributions (residential over $100,000)
  • Payment of Urban Approvals Pty Ltd invoice
  • Signed Urban Approvals Pty Ltd Application forms
  • Footpath Crossing Permit/Roads Act Approval (if new driveway)