What Is It?

Inhabiting personalised spaces and refining tastes is a lifestyle. Therefore, we believe that nothing can be more exciting than transforming a tired, shabby-chic living space into a modern, light-filled paradise. Renovation design, however, is more than just replastering new wood trims to a few walls & adding fresh coats of paint over a stained ceiling. Home renovation design requires meticulous attention to detail, planning and dedicated research, and of course, the guided expertise of professionals. 

With a home renovation with Progressive Plans, we can achieve any layout that you envision and design the functional dream home that simultaneously caters to your personal preferences and have friends and family can get together. 

When it comes to home renovation services, our skilled designers provide a personalised touch to any space. With our extensive knowledge and design expertise, we ensure available space is used effectively to maximise the outcome of your final project. Whether it’s minor changes to your living room or a complete home refurbishment project, our specialist Sydney-based designers can coordinate with you and source stunning and cost-effective design solutions that exceed your expectations.

Why Choose This Service?

At Progressive Plans, we aren’t bound by a singular style but embrace all architectural and interior design niches. Each renovation project we take on is driven by your individual requirements and personal tastes. Whatever your vision, we comprehend high-quality, and a keen eye for detail always wins. Our designers promise both quality workmanship, careful planning, and 100% business and client transparency from the concept design to your renovation project’s final construction. Whatever home renovation design you have your heart set on, we can create sophisticated spaces in pared-back neutral tones to industrial-themes that rework your renovated space’s original fittings and highlight using eccentric interior fittings. Our Progressive Plans building designers offer full renovation design services and design project management to better look after all project areas with just one point of contact.

Our Progressive Plans building designers offer full renovation design services and design project management to better look after all project areas with just one point of contact. 

Browse our home renovation options below and see what we can do for you.

Kitchen – Create the ultimate open-plan entertainment hub for family and friends. We can work around your unique family needs and choose practical renovation solutions that meet your personal preferences. 

Bathroom – Our experienced designers can create stunning, modern bathrooms in various shapes and sizes to meet diverse needs across all family units. 

Bedroom – Need a new walk-in wardrobe or a whole contemporary bedroom design? We have a range of layouts and interior finishes, we can create the perfect space to suit various homes. 

Living Room – Whether you’re after a more open-plan living arrangement or wish to add cosier soft furnishings and fittings to your space, our living room renovation options are endless. 

From evolving your tired granny flat into a stylish apartment to injecting modern interior finishes into your terrace house- renovate with Progressive Plans and we can ensure your dream home turns into reality. 
Have a renovation design project? Get in contact with our interior design specialists and see how we can help.

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