CDC Lodgement & Development Application Services

For the majority, most people within NSW comprehend that if someone needs to undertake renovations to their property, add an extension or even looking to build a new home, they need to get approval from their local Council. This process is what we refer to as ‘obtaining development consent’, and requires a development application (DA) lodgement, which can take up to 3 months to get approved.


Let us handle the application and lodgment for you

At Progressive Plans, we are more than just designers. We don’t just offer extensive interior design, drafting and residential construction services. Our qualified team has extensive knowledge of Council regulations and building requirements and can guide you through every necessary step. We offer a complete DA & CDC service. Our experts keep on top of the ever-changing legislation to ensure that your initial conceptual designs, floor plans and property construction are within council guidelines, and certified to obtain approval for your DA lodgement (Development Application) and CDC Lodgement (Complying Development Certificate).

At Progressive Plans, we can prepare the necessary documentation that is specific to your project and council. Once your completed floor plans and up-to-date drafts have been signed off, we submit your DA and CDC in accordance with your council’s relevant checklists and within the due date so we can get to your dream home faster. Take the stress out of your new build development with Progressive Plans complying with development certificate services and DA lodgement.


A Development Application (DA) is an admittedly lengthy and time-consuming process that requires patience and plenty of communication with a council planner. We, as your private certifiers can liaise with a client information coordinator on your behalf. We can follow through with the progress of your DA approval, and ensure all information and instructions are addressed and discussed with you. As a result, we can free up your valuable time and ensure your application is as hassle-free as possible, allowing you to focus on the finer details of completing your new home.

All DA applications lodged by Progressive Plans follow standard building requirements. Our draftsman can also update any floor plans to construction certificate drawings to ensure they are compliant with Building Code of Australia requirements and are specific to your council’s regulations. Should you choose to partner with us, we can especially manage and coordinate with you to ensure your DA lodgements are submitted on time.


A CDC is a Development Application and a Construction Certificate combined to one and is ever-growing in popularity due to its flexibility. It allows certain residential developments to be fast-tracked as it eliminates neighbour objections and council involvement.

The following development projects can be approved under a complying development certificate service:

  • New dwellings in residential zones
  • Additions to dwellings in residential zones
  • Minor internal alterations to residential developments
  • New commercial/industrial developments
  • Granny flats
  • Townhouses and dual occupancy dwellings (certain Council areas)

If you’re looking to develop a building as a CDC, we can be the certifying applicant to provide the necessary documentation and detailed floor plans to ensure that your project fully complies to construction standards and requirements. We can provide the checklist outlining that all requirements have been met before construction commences.