Bathroom Design Services Sydney

We offer bespoke bathroom design services throughout Sydney, designing and constructing beautiful, modern and functional bathrooms catered to all sizes and specific tastes. From the get-go, we provide you expert design insight at every stage of the building project backed by a sole objective to ensure you receive the quality renovation experience you deserve at an accessible price point. Depending on your design budget, our ever-growing repertoire of bathroom design services includes flexible design packages for you to choose from. Whatever package you choose, you are guaranteed outstanding customer service with plenty of opportunities to get involved in the design process of your bathroom renovation project. At Progressive Plans, we only source and offer you the best, contemporary bathroom finishes, cladding and bathroom accessories to ensure we create an innovative bathroom design that specifically meets your unique requirements and personal preferences.

Benefits of giving your bathroom design a facelift

The bathroom is truly a one-of-a-kind space, and a renovation can bring a bathroom to life within weeks! No matter how big or small the interior, your bathroom is an essential part to your morning routine and the little haven where you start preparing yourself for the busy day ahead. Bathroom design renovations nevertheless, vary in size. Whether it’s a small case of adding fresh, new cladding to the walls or giving your bathroom a complete renovation, a tastefully designed and refurbished bathroom can give any living space a personal stamp and instantly add value to your property if you are looking to sell your property. Other benefits of updating your bathroom design can include the following:

  • Saves costs: Save significantly on your water bill by replacing worn, leaky faucets and water-efficient toilets and showerheads.
  • Becomes a more peaceful and liveable oasis:

Reduces clutter: A poor bathroom design creates clutter. You can increase storage space when you decide to renovate.

What we can do for you

The considered design of a space is essential for any dwelling, but a bathroom hosts many problems. Bathrooms can vary dramatically in size, yet they are the most frequented room in a hoe. This is why you need to partner with an experienced bathroom designer in Sydney to ensure you can make the most effective use of this space. A fantastically designed bathroom should fulfil its functional requirements for everyone and equally pleasing to the eye.

As part of our complete bathroom design services, Progressive Plans takes a meticulous and considered design approach to every client project we onboard. It pays to get your bathroom design right the first time round! We draft 3D floor plans using state-of-the-art CAD technology during the initial planning stage to provide you with a bigger picture of your finished bathroom design. Our floor plans can also ensure all fixtures are appropriately placed to make the most of the space available and add extra storage before construction occurs. Our designers will also work with you from the initial design stage, sourcing top-quality fittings within your budget that are not only tailored to your aesthetic tastes but are easy to maintain and last a lifetime. We will carefully source our selection of materials, flooring, finishes, countertops etc., that are designed to grow and adapt to any new requirements you might face throughout the years. You can choose which finishes that best meets your needs and provide your desired level of maintenance. To ensure optimal customer transparency, Progressive Plans provides all associated trade work with contractors and on-site supervision of the construction of your new bathroom design through our recommended Builders