Classic Interior Design

Not one for modern finishes and contemporary interiors? Let Progressive Plans create a classic interior that speaks to your refined sense of style and love for the finer things in love.  Catered to every idyllic lifestyle, taste and personal budget, Progressive Plans’ central focus is sourcing bespoke finishes and building design. With our meticulous attention to detail and considered approach to classic interior design, our building designers have a wealth of experience to create a luxurious space that nods to the architectural grandeur of Ancient Greece and high-quality materials- all designed and built using the best design practices. Whatever your colour palette or layout you crave, we are sure to create a complementing floor plan to make you feel right at home.

What constitutes a ‘classic interior’?

As the style name suggests, classic interior design is deeply influenced by elements of classicism- in reverence to the classical period in the mid 18th to early 19th century and its luxurious aesthetics.Classical interiors place great importance on order, symmetry and balance. Spaces following a classic interior style are often well-thought and designed, composed around a central focal piece and accompanying accents. The central piece could be a beautifully charged fireplace with an ornate mirror above or a large oak dining table with feature chairs at either end. The classic interior colour palette is inspired by nature and that of Ancient Greek architecture. The most popular hues include shades of neutrals, beige, yellows, terracotta, off-whites, blues, greens and browns. Design finishes meanwhile constitute a variety of natural timbers, stone and marble. Fabric finishes also tend to be elegant. Patterns and motifs are often floral with nothing too ostentatious and over-powering.

Our Services

Our Progressive Plans building designers comprehend that every classic interior project starts with a consultation over a coffee (or tea). We consider your design vision from the particular interior finishes you desire in your home to the layout of your new, classic floorplan. We want to guarantee that we’re thinking the same way as you are. Our carefully considered design choices for classic interior design and passion for traditional aesthetics is what sets us apart from our competitors. Whether it’s decorating a new bedroom extension or decorating a granny flat, we can design a functional residential property exuding grandeur and elegant sophistication in colour palette, style, and finishes. If you’re dedicated to building the 18th Century French boudoir home of your own, our qualified interior designers and builders will ensure they tick off every stylistic element to make your vision a reality.

Discover our comprehensive suite of design services below:

  • Design Solutions: Our considered design approach ensures you’re involved every step of the way. We find you a classic interior design solution that fits your overall budget and ticks every box.
  • Drafting & Floor Plans: Our experienced drafters and designers can create detailed floor plans along with detailed 3-dimensional renders of the completed property to give you a clearer image of your dream home.
  • Finishes & Materials: We source the finest materials; you choose the look. At Progressive Plans, we only consider top-tier materials to create the epitome of a classic interior mood board, from the girl paint finishes to the soft furnishing.