Living Room Design Services

Warning. Our eclectic and absolutely stunning bespoke living room designs and decor will want you to redecorate right now!

It’s said that the secret to discovering a person’s singular design aesthetic is to see inside the room that is closest to the heart- the living room. This intimate, multipurpose space is the most frequented spot in any comfortable abode, rivalling the kitchen. While some consider it merely as a ‘cosy corner’, it is so much more. The living room is the first point of designing a new home. It’s the space where creative individuals of all backgrounds get to experiment with their sense of style, layer colour upon texture, add illuminating light fixtures to playing with the angles of your favourite sofas and chairs.

With so many endless possibilities and living room decor ideas, finding the style that suits your personal preferences and requirements is no easy feat. How exactly do you decorate a communal space? Partner with Progressive Plans, and we can create an attractive and functional living room design option stamped with your personalised touches and loved by all.

Creating A Living Room Design Right For You

There are many living room decor and interior styles in existence. There‚Äôs industrial living room styles, functional Scandinavian, rustic chic, modern minimalist, eclectic and colourful, fusion and so much more. Creating a living room design may feel like a daunting project to undertake, but it doesn’t have to be. Comprehending which style you love most aesthetically and how it can be implemented into your home can help you determine exactly how much living room space you can work with. Once you’ve established your living room’s layout, you can move to the living room decor. From the ample storage space that’s decorative and functional to the cosy, cream-coloured sofa that draws you in, possibilities are endless. The living room is the hub of the home, after the kitchen. Therefore, making a space that can cater to everyone, not just the sole resident, is essential.

A clearly-thought living room design should feature the key elements:

  • A natural blend of function and style
  • Seating arrangements that spark conversation
  • A restrained mix of decorative and functional accessories that complement your style
  • A healthy dose of negative space
  • No unnecessary furniture pieces to prevent clutter
  • Evolves and grows with the person who lives in it
  • Easy to maintain and clean regularly

What can Progressive Plans Do For You

If you’re a trendy home-dweller looking to do a complete living room design renovation or wanting to invest in timeless furniture and finishes to decorate their communal space, our design specialists can make it happen. With an emphasis on bespoke finishes and an interest in considered sustainable design approaches, we create tailored design solutions inspired by your lifestyle, personal tastes and design requirements. With 100% customer transparency and a unique design process, we provide every client we onboard a beautiful, functional communal space with matching living room decor that you can show off to friends and family and use time and time again. Challenge us with your living room design project and see how we can turn your vision into reality.