Your builders for Modern Interior Design

Looking to renovate your home, and thinking of going ‘modern’? Congratulations! Unsure how to transition from your traditional roots to something that constitutes contemporary? Understandable. With modern interior design continuously evolving with the times, the most daunting task within the design and renovation process is how precisely you can articulate what your version of a ‘modern interior is to the professionals. Luckily, our Progressive Plans design experts are fully versed in ‘modern interior’ styles and their unique, individual design requirements. Whether you want to play with textures and a monochromatic colour palette or looking to maximise a living room’s space with understated furniture and accessories, Progressive Plans can create a modern house interior that’s specific to your lifestyle, budget and personal tastes.

What classifies “Modern Interior Design?”

Before moving onto the design concept of your design project, it’s imperative to know precisely what constitutes a ‘modern interior?‘. Modern interior design bases itself on the modern movement’s main principles during the 19th and 20th century, and Bauhaus’s philosophy that architectural development should be simultaneously practical and affordable for all. Modern interior design moves away from ornate styles and instead favours more practical, minimalist interior design styles created to all backgrounds, budgets and lifestyles.

Today’s influential modern house interior trends include bold monochromatic colours emphasised by contrasting clean-lined furniture, geometric patterns, and textiles. Finishes like fringing, luxurious layered fabrics, patterned wallpaper, sustainable timber furniture, organic elements, natural colour palettes, and using pieces across the 19th and 20th century are also growing in popularity in modern house interiors.

Modern interiors are shaped by their clean lines, ample use of negative space, geometric forms and functional storage spaces. They are fluid and constantly evolving and encompass a variety of interior styles. Some of the more popular interior styles include the following.

  • Scandinavian – Fluid, natural, organic
  • Glamour – Decadent old-world allure of Hollywood
  • Modern Rustic – Clean lines and functional materials
  • Industrial – Rustic and mature
  • Transitional – Mixing modern and neutral palettes
  • Minimalist – Simplistic and clean
  • Art-Deco – 1920s geometric

What we can do for you

Compared to long-standing designers steeped in traditional design practices, our young and vibrant team of professionals and speciality for bespoke residential design services, mean we are always on top of the ever-changing trends and styles of modern interior design.

Our considered design process is what makes our modern interiors revolutionary and unique. We care about your upcoming project. Whether you’re after a complete home renovation or adding a living room extension, our designers will sit down with you and get a clearer picture of your vision. From there, we tailor and propose a stunning modern interior design solution that is entirely you, and catered to your style preferences and current budget. As part of our design services, we can source and shop finishes that fit within a specific genre, which you can choose yourself for the final, ending product.At Progressive Plans, we only use the best 3D rendering and CAD technology to draft detailed floor plans that meet Council and DA requirements. Read our complete services are listed below:

  • Design
  • Drafting
  • DA & CDC Lodgement
  • Construction Certificates
  • Tender Documentation
  • Finishes Selection