Scandinavian Interior Design Service Sydney

At Progressive Plans, we pledge to inspire creativity in every home we build. As your next building designer, we create the epitome of elegant, functional Scandinavian interiors catered to every idyllic lifestyle, budget and personal tastes. With an emphasis on sourcing bespoke finishes, our meticulous attention to detail and considered approach to Scandinavian interior design beautifully balances a mix of true nordic craftsmanship, high-quality materials and finishes with top-of-the-line building design practices. Whatever your colour palette or layout you crave, we are sure to create a complementing floor plan to make you feel right at home.

What constitutes true Scandinavian Interiors?

Whether you’re particular to Danish decor or Swedish finishes and textures, all Scandinavian-style interiors have a recurring theme that is steadily growing popular throughout Australia. All themes are dominated by light or neutral colours designed to bring in natural light or compensate for the lack of it- think beiges, whites, pale greens and blues. When it comes to the layout of the home, Scandinavian interiors are unendingly concise and straightforward, emphasised by logical clean lines to maximise sense of space. Presence of decorative elements is mandatory, with finishing touches creating a warm sense of cosiness without being too ostentatious. Natural colours, ceramics, knitted items with varying textures layered over the other is a popular theme. Furniture while simple is reliable, clean and almost always crafted from high-quality timber. Upholstery goods come in varying textiles, suede and leather. Soft furnishings are sometimes decorated with simple patterns of clear geometric shapes.

Our services

Our deliberate design choices for Scandinavian interiors and passion for aesthetics is what sets us apart from our competitors. Whether it’s decorating a new bedroom extension or decorating a granny flat, our curated residential properties are the very epitome of form following functionality, muted and cosy colour palettes, playful textures and clean lines. If you’re dead-set on building the Scandinavian home of your dreams, our qualified interior designers and builders will ensure they tick off every stylistic element to make your vision a reality.

Our full Scandinavian interior design services include:

  • Design Solutions: We don’t believe in pretentious decor and ostentatious design. Our considered design approach ensures you’re involved during every step of the way from the initial design concept to the finishes selection. With 100% customer transparency, we encourage any client we onboard to share ideas so we can better provide you with Scandinavian interior solutions that are beautifully minimalist, cosy and functional.
  • Drafting & Floor Plans: Scandinavian interior design is all about the “no frills” approach. A Nordic home isn’t without its large panoramic windows, presence of high-ceilings and stone foundations, flowing open-plan spaces and terraces. If you’re having trouble envisioning your new Scandinavian dream home, our experienced drafters and designers can create the traditional one-storey or two-story floor plans along with detailed 3-dimensional renders of the completed property, to give you a clearer picture of the property come to life.
  • Finishes & Materials: From the light-coloured paint colours, soft textures on textures, clean-lined metal details to an understated selection of natural timbers and textiles, Progressive Plans sources top-of-the-line materials that you can choose yourself to create the ultimate ‘Nordic-themed’ mood board for your upcoming home.